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IT investment is a true value investment. Working with SMEs in various industries, FTMS IT Solutions specializes in designing the suitable solutions to touch on the ground level issues that SMEs may face. FTMS IT Solutions support business owners to achieve visible business improvement with our configurable systems.

FTMS IT Solutions help the business owner to explore new opportunities by leveraging the emerging technologies. We dedicate ourselves to offer a wide range of tailored systems that is easy to use and customizable to fit the purpose of the business.


FTMS IT Solutions help the business owner to explore new opportunities by leveraging the emerging technologies. Our solutions covering the key areas of the business – Accounting, Management, Marketing, HR and Admin – are integrated to resolve the key business issues.


Enhance the effectiveness of accounting management system by implementing FTMS Solution. Multi-task and save time by allowing an efficient data display in a single platform.

FTMS Purchase 

Monitor the costs spent on your purchases! FTMS Purchase manages your orders and receipts on payment in a single platform and, analyse the cost efficiency of the purchase history. This gives an overview on company’s existing stock and help the business to plan for its future purchase decision.

– FTMS Inventory

Systemise your business with the robust inventory system! FTMS Inventory organizes your suppliers, purchases and orders in a single platform and analyses the efficiency status of the inventory. This provides the overall sales and finance flow of the business and help the business owners navigate their way to maximize the profit and minimize the unnecessary expenses.


Establish your marketing campaign with a customizable FTMS IT Solutions by automating your daily marketing tasks.

– FTMS Web Design and Hosting 

FTMS Web Design and Hosting develops a website that suits your existing business workflow and record keeping method.


FTMS CMS provides quick and easy user experience via customizable HTML editor which allows contents customization on website menu and pages.

FTMS Marketing

Automate the marketing tasks and reach your optimal level of success! FTMS Marketing manages the marketing campaign of the business by automating the daily marketing activities such as sending newsletter, email and SMS.


Forecast the revenue more accurately and generate impactful sales reports with FTMS CRM! FTMS CRM manages your client contacts and help you keep track of the likely potential buyers to maximize business opportunities. It allows easy access to all necessary information of every client.

HR and Admin

Manage the employees on a daily basis and build suitable appraisal method more effectively with FTMS IT Solutions.


Manage employee performance and build comprehensible KPIs! FTMS HR keeps records of employee’s daily performance and project schedules. This allows employers to track the flow of each project and generate appraisal method.

– FTMS Payroll

FTMS Payroll handles your staff salaries and their appraisals more effectively with top-notch features such as ePayslip and Interbank GIRO.


FTMS IT Solutions introduce the effective business operating system that will free business owners from taxing workloads and save their time for more significant business matters.


Capture the entire process flow from kitchen to table and increase the efficiency of your business by implementing FTMS FnB! With an easy user interface, FTMS FnB visualises data on cash inflow, table turnover, supply and customer demographics. The system connected to centralized Cloud, allowing data access regardless of time and place, thus enabling real-time management decision making.